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LDR.LDR.LDR… hayyyyzzz.

So, i can’t sleep. It was just pop-up! lol into my mind, time has past by, his birthday, my birthday, even our 2nd anniversary. We celebrate it, but we’re not together, we’re apart. He is 1520 miles away from me. Not to bad huh. JK.(walking distance lang teh! haha nasa kabilang isla lang :D) Hmm time differences is just 2 hours advance there. can’t believe that we are getting 1 year in LDR. Since december 26,2012. It’s really hard being in a LDR.. so if you are in a LDR, you need to trust, keep in touch, honest to each other. & you need to be strong.  Though, sometimes we have ups and downs. But we didn’t mind that cuz, we really care about our relationship :) Haha oks tama na ang english. Sorry for my english karabaoo. Lol. Need more praktizz. :P i got japenglish language. :D anyway.. i’m about to sleep. I so miss my love. Hmm ✈ Thank you lord! :)

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